Hello, Gorgeous 

I’m Laura: film lover, dancing queen, popcorn addict, and follower of Christ.

There are three principals you should know about me: I absolutely love marriage, serving others fills my soul, and I put my heart into everything I do. On a side note, I also have a not-so-healthy-yet-oh-so-proud popcorn addiction (as long as it is homemade) and a cute aggression thing for my doggies, Rocky & Apollo! It just seemed appropriate to name them that since I'm from Philly. My husband and I met in college while serving on a worship team, and sixteen months later we committed our lives to one another. 

Besides popcorn, photography is my other unhealthy obsession - especially film photography. That's right, the "old school" way! There is something so magical about film and its ability to truly capture a moment for what it is; Every frame has a purpose. The light and airy feeling and the soft pastel tones are my hearts delight, and it's that timeless look that will forever remind us of the joy of your wedding day. So whether it was digital or film that brought you here, I hope you can sense how deeply I cherish this career. Coffee dates are another favorite of mine, so let’s schedule some time for coffee and chat about your wedding day vision! 

ever since
 i was a little girl i knew what i wanted to do.

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fun facts


I’m a firm believer that home is where ever your heart is. 


I believe that home made popcorn is bar none the best in the world (of course).


 Dancing is my favorite type of exercise, so I hope you don't mind if I do a little "exercising" at your wedding.


 If I won the lottery, I would buy a huge plot of land to rescue and take care of dogs.


Saved by grace through faith!


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